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  1. Watch the video to see what you can expect from Emirates Business Class on our A380. Or explore our immersive 3D cabin. BUSINESS CLASS. Get a full night's rest. A seat that seamlessly reclines into a fully flat bed with a soft, comfy mattress and a cosy blanket - hello sweet dreams
  2. Emirates' A380 business class cabin is located on the upper deck, behind the first class cabin. The business class cabin features a total of 76 seats, spread across two cabins. There's one massive business class cabin with 15 rows
  3. The three class Emirates A380 aircraft features two business class cabins - a larger, main cabin, with a smaller five-row cabin located at the rear. The seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, taking up the entire area of the A380 upper deck. Upon embarkation, we are warmly greeted by the attentive international crew and show to our seats

Emirates A380 Business Class Seats My A380 Business Class seat. The Emirates A380 Business Class seats are actually smaller than on the Boeing 777 but the configuration is much better. There are two seats in the middle and on the edges the seats are staggered meaning that wherever you sit you have direct access to the aisle The seat: Set in a 1x2x1 configuration, each of the 76 flat-bed business-class seats aboard Emirates A380 flights offers aisle access and includes its own minibar with a selection of soft drinks.

All Business Class seats onboard the Emirates A380 are 18,5 inch (47 cm) wide. This is only slightly wider than the Emirates A380 Economy Class seats, which have a width of 17,5 inch (45 cm). This means that the Emirates A380 Business Class seats are too narrow, especially in the lie-flat position But, if its new first-class cabins on the 777-300ER are any indication, it seems Emirates has picked up on these changing tastes. I'd be very interested to see how the airline adapts its A380 business-class product going forward. This three-class A380 had 76 seats in business class, separated into two cabins on the upper deck Emirates A380 business class: top picks. 7A&7K (first layout), 6A&6K (second layout): For solo business travellers, these seats should be at the very top of your list. Nestled at the front of business class, the only passengers walking past you are the crew coming and going from first class (or economy) in front, with all business class.

Flight was Brisbane to Auckland 24/12/17. Great seat - economy class on Emirates A380 is like travelling business class on any other airline. Seat was spacious, ample leg room for me (5ft 7in), old style pillow, blanket etc provided Come with me and experience what it's like to fly Emirates Business Class on their A380. Try the new onboard lounge and iconic bar. What is the seat like? Is.. Flying with Emirates is a convenient and popular choice for travellers around the world. In Australia we have the added benefit of the airline's partnership with Qantas, which includes codesharing and reciprocal frequent flyer benefits. If you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, Emirates A380 business class is a superb use of Qantas Points Emirates' A380 business class is firmly ahead of Qantas' A380 offering in terms of privacy, aisle access, personal space and storage -- not to mention that bar at the back of the cabin. But once you get down into the Emirates 777s and A330/A340s, things are much less comfortable, so we've put together a handy list of their relative comfort.

Emirates' business class on the A380 is still a great experience, though it's not perfect. Pros: a comfortable seat, incredible service and little touches that help set it apart. Cons: a convoluted boarding process, the seats are showing some wear and the food wasn't fantastic In October 2016 I flew Emirates Business Class from London Heathrow to Cape Town via Dubai. The first leg of the journey from London Heathrow to Dubai was on an A380 and the second leg from Dubai to Cape Town was on a Boeing 777-300.Emirates features in my top 10 best airlines for longhaul Business Class and I have also previously reviewed the Emirates business class on the Boeing 777 and on. The biggest advantage of Emirates' A380 business class is that it takes up the entire upper deck: no chance of being woken by babies at the front of economy. Once the seatbelt sign goes off, I.

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Emirates was the second airline to operate the Airbus A380-800 aircraft and currently has three versions of the A380 with slightly different configurations. This version has a total of 58 flat bed Business Class seats, and 557 standard Economy Class seats Emirates A380 Business Class iPad-esque touchscreen controller Emirates Airlines A380 Emirates A380 Business Class iPad-esque touchscreen controller Emirates A380 Business Class toilet. Definition of luxury. 9.4 Luxury. Emirates Airlines prides itself on an image of luxury and class. Emirates Business Class on the Airbus A380 is absolutely no.

Business class on an Emirates A380. CLASS. Business, seat 26G. THE SEAT. Spacious and very, very comfortable, the flat-bed seat is 18.5 inches (47 centimetres) wide and has a pitch of 44 inches. I've flown Emirates' A380 well over a dozen times, almost exclusively in first class. I've reviewed Emirates first class on many routes, including from London to Dubai, Singapore to Dubai, Dubai to London, Los Angeles to Dubai, Dubai to Singapore, Dallas to Dubai, and Dubai to Manchester.. Well, I recently flew Emirates A380 business class for the first time from Dubai to Los Angeles Here is my detailed review of the Emirates A380 Business Class. I was flying from Los Angeles LAX to Mumbai via Dubai DXB in the month of October 2018, after.. Emirates Business Class is located on the upper deck of the Airbus A380 between the bar at the rear end and the First Class Cabin. It features 76 flat bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. Each seat offers a personal entertainment screen, power outlet, USB-slots, a personal tablet and a mini bar The Emirates A380 has two large shower rooms at the front of the cabin. Photo: Tom Boon - Simple Flying. Winner: A380 - Bigger seats, more award availability, a bar, and a shower. Easy. Business class. In the business class cabin, we will start to see things heat up between the Boeing 777 and A380

The Emirates A380 business class cabin is much fresher and cleaner looking than its 777-300 counterpart. The same soothing wooden, cream and light grey tones abound throughout the spacious cabin. Cream, grey and wood are Emirates' business class' signature colours. Seating on the emirates A380 business class dubai to londo Emirates A380の機内. 赤絨毯で機内へ。気分があがりますね! 基本は2-2-2ですが、全席通路からアクセスできる配置です。 Emirates A380 ビジネスクラス席. 通路側の席なので、テーブルが窓側にあり窓が遠いです・・・ The Emirates Lounge at LAX; Emirates A380 Business Class. The Emirates Business Class on the A380 is located on the upper deck, behind First Class. There are a total of 76 seats, occupying 2 sections; each seat has direct aisle access and can turn into a fully flat upon recline Emirates A380 business class seat map. Image Credit: Seat Guru. Although SeatGuru says that the middle seats in row 23 are great seats, we actually think that the best business class seats on the A380 are in row 25. They're as far from the lavatories as possible and 2 rows from the galley, which is a good compromise. Also, side seats in row. The business class section on the upper cabin of Emirates A380 comes in a 1-2-1 configuration, which is a major step ahead of the 777. The seats also alternate between two different layouts between one side that faces closer to the window, or closer to the aisle, depending on the variation

Emirates Business Class is located on the upper cabin of their Airbus A380. The cabin is split in two, unintentionally creating a more secluded atmosphere for rows 22-26as well as a preferred. Flying the Airbus A380 is a totally different (and superior) experience as compared to Emirates' Boeing 777, since the airline does not display the same Business Class product on both aircraft types (click here to read my trip report of an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Business Class trip from Dubai to Brussels) Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 - Kabine & Sitz. Wenn Ihr die Emirates Business Class im A380 wählt, könnt Ihr Euch auf eine moderne Kabine und einen wirklich schönen Sitz freuen. Er bietet nicht nur eine komplett flache Liegeposition, sondern ist auch etwas fürs Auge. Gut, etwas Blingbling, aber trotzdem sehr schön

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THE SEAT The Emirates A380 has a three-class configuration with first and business located on the upper deck. Three bulkheads split the cabin, with the first class located at the front end Part I: Emirates A380 Business Class From Singapore To Dubai The first part of my journey is a seven-hour flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Dubai International Airport on the A380 aircraft (Emirates prides itself in being the world's largest operator of the A380)

Flying on one of Emirates' fifth freedom routes has always been a goal of mine. When the opportunity arose to fly in Emirates business class on an Airbus A380 on the three-hour flight from Christchurch, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia it was a no-brainer for me I think one of the greatest things about the Emirates A380 is the lounge. The lounge is available to Business Class and First Class and is located in the rear of the cabin. There is a mini bar with couches and standing areas that offers a great area to stand up and relax or socialize with others on the flight or those you're flying with Emirates Business Class A380: Fazit. Wenn der Weg das Ziel ist, gleicht der Flug in der Emirates Business Class im A380-800 einer Panoramastraße. Angefangen von der geräumigen Emirates Lounge in Frankfurt über das überaus gute kulinarische Angebot an Bord, bis hin zu dem enormen Entertainment-Angebot weiß die Airline zu überzeugen Emirates A380 Business Class review summary. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the service and meals, I do like the Emirates A380 Business Class. The seat is amazingly comfortable with a luxurious amount of storage. The food and service are fine, just not the best I've experienced

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  1. รีวิววันนี้ผมจะพามาดู Business Class บนเครื่องบินแบบ Airbus A380-800 ของ Emirates ครับ ว่าสายการบินที่ใช้เครื่องบินขนาดใหญ่อย่าง A380 กันจนเป็น.
  2. Flight review: Emirates A380-800 business class. 14 Jun 2014 by Tom Otley. BACKGROUND. Emirates offers a chauffeur-drive service for its business and first passengers within a 70-mile radius.
  3. Business Class cabins on different aircraft. Business Class on Emirates offers outstanding value for money and great service. There are quite a few differences between their updated aircraft (Emirates A380 Business Class and 777 aircraft) and the old style, so it's worth planning ahead with a Business Class flight specialist to ensure all of your flights (or as many as possible) are on the.
  4. The Emirates Airbus A380-800 Business Class has a 1-2-1 seat layout: one seat on the left side of the plane, two seats in the middle and one on the right. Every seat is an aisle seat in Business class. The seat pitch in the Emirates Airbus A380-800 Business Class cabin is 48 inches. The seat width is 18.5 inches
  5. Travelling Business Class on Emirates A380 London to Dubai, Sharing is caring! I knew you ladies were trouble when I saw you in the lounge began the man at the Sy Bar, 35,000 feet in the air. He was propped up alongside out little group around the semi-circular bar in Emirates Business Class..
  6. Love Emirates but find the A380 business class seats a tad narrower. Trying Edinburgh to Dubai for first time next Saturday but on 777 which despite the 2-3-2 configuration remains my favourite Emirates plane. A380 bar is a novelty but very under used. Spent hours there but never met Pele nor Ronaldo

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  1. Measuring just 22 inches between armrests, the Emirates A380 first-class seat is barely wider than the economy seats in the same aircraft. Emirates packs four suites and two aisles into the A380 upper deck, compared with Etihad and Singapore's new suites that only have one aisle with a suite on each side
  2. ibar pod in front: consequently the aisle seats (B, D, G, J) have a shorter 70 (5'10) bed, while window and middle seats (A, E, F, K) are longer with a.
  3. ute / £60 taxi ride to our hotel) but return flights never opened up. This is not really surprising - four business class seats on the.
  4. The Emirates business class lounge at Dubai International Airport. Kenneth Lu/Flickr The experience started before I even left my apartment, when a black car pulled up outside my house and the driver helped me with my luggage and unloaded me at the airport, an amenity all Emirates Business & First Class passengers can take advantage of
  5. Cabin & Layout: First Class, 14 seats, 1-2-1, lie-flat Seats: 2E, 2F Miles Used: 80,000 SPG Points per person (transferred to JAL, total of 200,000 JAL miles) Taxes & Fees Paid: $78.20 USD per person (note: bookings from November 2017 are assessed much higher.
  6. ibar pod in front: consequently the aisle seats (B, D, G, J) have a shorter 70 (5'10) bed, while window and middle seats (A, E, F, K) are longer with a 79 bed
  7. For example, the Emirates A380 features an on-board shower, available only to first class passengers. Damn! Fortunately, the on-board bar is open to first and business class passengers, and is located on the upper deck, at the rear of the plane

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What it's like to fly Emirates Business Class . As if getting to travel to the spectacular Philippines wasn't exciting enough, I was in for a big surprise.. When I received my invite to experience the inaugural Emirates flight from Dubai to Cebu, I didn't even try to play it cool before responding with an eager Yes please With only a month to renew my Qantas platinum membership, I decided to fly a QF Emirates flight to France with a client. Pure genius. You get a Dubai stopover, the Emirates business class 1-2-1. Po sitive Reviews for Emirates A380 Business Class. tripadvisor® Emirates A380 Business Class Reviews: An Australian reviewer flying from Dubai to Prague said the Airbus 380 was a wonderful plane and it offered generous storage compartments. They liked that all seats offer direct aisle access and mentioned that the crew were. Emirates: A380 Business Class - See 61,316 traveler reviews, 21,024 candid photos, and great deals for Emirates, at Tripadvisor Emirates first class is an exceptional way to travel, and in terms of novelty, there's no better way to experience it than onboard their flagship Airbus A380. Here's what to expect Emirates First Class Experience At Dubai International Airport. If you're flying first, chances are a chauffeur will be taking you to the airport

Emirates Business Class Airbus A380 - Anreise, Check-in und Boarding. Arrive in style - und das VOR dem Abflug! Ein besonderes Alleinstellungsmerkmal der Emirates Business Class ist der Limousinen-Transfer im schwarzen 5er-BMW zum und vom Flughafen, der bis zu einer gewissen Entfernung kostenlos ist Destinations, Flight Tips & Reviews, International, New Zealand Emirates A380 Business class from Sydney to Christchurch. To this idiotically flight phobic frequent flyer, spending a minute on an aircraft is not dissimilar to spending several centuries in the seventh circle of hell.In fact, you'll usually find me pole vaulting over my fellow passengers on landing in my desperation to escape Fully flat Bed on the A380 in Business class Now Departing from London Gatwick London Heathrow Birmingham International Emirates Airlines Business class Phone 01708 723101 Email Open | Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 | Sat 09:00-14:00 | Sun 10:00-14:00 : Toggle navigation. Home; Business Account. Emirates (alte) Business Class Airbus A380 Sydney nach Dubai | Flugzeug und Kabine. Nach einem ungeordneten Boarding betrat ich das Oberdeck des Airbus A380, von welchem Emirates 115 Stück betrieben hat ().Verwundert war ich über die alte Kabine, da ich dachte, dass der größte Airbus A380 Betreiber gerade auf einer der längsten Strecken auch sein neueres Bordprodukt einsetzt

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The Emirates A380 First Class Dubai to Toronto flight is out of the A section of the wing which you need to take an automated shuttle to. This ride lasts about 30 seconds. The Emirates first class and business lounges are located on the second and third floors respectively but I decided to check out the duty free and shops in the public areas. Emirates Business Class Flights To Dubai. This major carrier offers business class on two different types of planes. It's worth knowing that a plane model makes a lot of difference when it comes to a good business class cabin. On the outside A380 is looks like an extremely ugly jet, but on the inside, it's luxurious and spacious.. Emirates A380 Business Class Lounge Dubai International Airport. Local Business. Emirates A380 Business Class Lounge Dubai International Airport. Airport Lounge. Emirates A380 Business Class Lounge, Dxb. Airport Lounge. Emirates A380 Business Class Onboard Bar. Airline Industry Service Emirates A380 Business Class Review. by Mar April 6, 2015. Written by Mar. I have always been a huge Emirates fan, I consider them my airline of choice and after joining them in over 200 flights to more than 15 destinations I have developed a sense of familiarity every time I step into the aircraft


  1. Here is my detailed review of the Emirates A380 Business Class. I was flying from Los Angeles LAX to Mumbai via Dubai DXB in the month of October 2018, after finishing my epic colorado road trip. Thats my detailed trip report and if you have missed my colorado travel vlogs or daily blogs, go watch the playlist
  2. Emirates Fleet Airbus A380-800 Details and Pictures.On current Emirates aircraft fleet, there's 117 (109 on services, and 8 on orders) double deck airliner Airbus A380-800.. Emirates is the largest operator of this largest passenger aircraft. Emirates massive orders on this super jumbo airliner is the main reason why Airbus A380 project are still alive till today
  3. So, its representative will be the main character of this Emirates A380 business class review. The first thing to be noted is the location of the elite cabin. The premium passengers will fly on the upper floor in one of two rooms designed for the business class
  4. Booked: Emirates A380 + 777 Business Class. Matthew Klint May 20, 2019 14 Comments. I took one for the team and am going to fly business class on Emirates this week, with a chance to experience both an A380 and 777-300. I say take one for the team because first class award space was open and I've got enough Alaska Airlines miles
  5. The Business Class cabin on this three-class A380-800 has a whopping 76 seats split over two cabins located in the middle of the upper deck. The very front of the deck is taken up by the First Class suites, and the rear of the cabin has the famous Emirates in-flight bar
  6. antly brown and gold fittings, everything works. The in-flight entertainment system is extensive, the seat was comfortable, and I liked the idea of a

Emirates Business Class Review: Conclusion. Can Emirates' Business Class in the A380 justify the good reputation of the 5 star airline? The answer is a clear yes: even though some of the cabins start to look a bit dated, seat and service are top notch. Great catering, excellent service, attentive crews and a spacious lie-flat seat with lots. Die Emirates Business Class im Airbus A380 ist besonders beliebt. Wir haben sie auf der Strecke von Dubai nach München getestet. Die Pluspunkte: ein Sitz, der sich zu einem flachen Bett ausfahren lässt, eine größerer Monitor mit modernem Controller und Bedienungs-Tablet

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On Emirates A380, both business and first are a mere four across. By comparison, Qantas A380 business class is 3 across in first and 6 across in business. Emirates 777 Business Class product is an unfortunate 7 across and British Airways A380 Business Class is a whopping 8 across Airbus A380. Emirates have the largest A380 fleet in the world, with the 100th A380 joining their fleet in October 2017, and with many more A380's on order. The configuration is 14 first class seats, 76 business class seats, 399 economy seats. Emirates has the 1-2-1 seating business cabin configuration, which means everyone has direct aisle. The Emirates First Class cabin is upstairs on the A380 and fits a whopping 14 seats - 4 window seats on each side and 6 center seats. As a point of comparison, the new Singapore Suites have just 6 suites upstairs on the A380 and the Etihad Apartments have just 9 + 1 Residence. 14 is a lot, but lemme tell you, you are not aching for more room Singapore Airlines' new Business Class product on the Airbus A380 is a huge improvement over its old A380 and A350 seats. You'll find more flexibility for centre-seat passengers, extra privacy and storage, and beautiful styling. Try to snag one of the bulkhead seats for extra legroom if you can.

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Categories Airlines and Aviation, Lifestyle, National Football League, Travel Destinations Tags airbus a380-800, Airlines and Aviation, bangkok-hong-kong flight review, business class, emirates airline, emirates business class, flight review, Flying business class on Emirates, in flight foo ©Emirates Airline. Emirates' A380 jets are two-level. Economy seating takes up the lower floor, with Business Class and First Class upstairs. The A380's Business Class seats are ingeniously engineered private little pods. They offer everything you need for inflight comfort Nun jedoch hat der Präsident von Emirates, Tim Clark, in einem Podcast mitgeteilt, dass die bestellten Flugzeuge im Wesentlichen mit demselben Business Class-Produkt ausgestattet sein werden, die so bereits in den Airbus A380 zu finden sind. In Sachen First Class gibt es dabei tolle Neuigkeiten

Emirates is one of only a handful of airlines to bring first class to Australia, and on the carrier's flagship A380 that means enjoying one of the world's most luxurious ways to fly. Emirates is a popular airline in Australia due to its extensive network and partnership with Qantas Then rejuvenate yourself mid-flight with an inspired selection of toiletries from Penhaligon's in our dedicated Business Class lavatories. New A380 Business Class Available on the new Airbus A380 aircraft

I have done Business Class & Coach in Both the Emirates 777 - 300ER & A380. The leg room in the 777 coach is really cool and the Business Class Seats of the A 380 is highly luxurious and beats the 777. I did not like the way nuts, olives and other bar snacks were spread around the bar area in open bowl At the front of the cabin between the restrooms are the stairs that lead down to business. First class passengers are free to enjoy the unique facilities provided in Emirates A380 business class including the fabulous bar. Emirates A380 First Class Spa Suites. The spa suites in the Emirates A380 first class cabin have to be seen to be believed emirates a380 business class review: emirates a380 business class images: emirates a380 business class photos: 12 3 4. Next 39 results. Top News Videos for emirates a380 business class. 07:40. What first, business, and economy class looks like on Emirates. Business Insider Video via Yahoo News · 9 months ago. Trending Now Emirates Business Class im A380-800: Kabinen-und Sitzausstattung. Bewertung: 5 Punkte. Die 76 Business Class Sitze von Emirates befinden sich im Upperdeck, das in zwei Bereiche aufgeteilt ist. Ersterer mit 15 Reihen hat trotz sichtbarem Komfort der Sitze einen gewissen Großraum-Charakter

In Emirates First Class you'll feel refreshed and pampered throughout your flight. Our carefully selected amenities are aimed at enhancing your comfort in the air. Nourish your skin with our organic seaweed skincare range from award-winning Irish brand VOYA, available in our A380 onboard Shower Spa and in the First Class and Business Class. Emirates, world's best airline (according to Skytrax) has slashed rates on business & first class from Bangkok to Hong Kong operated on Airbus A380 with round trip fares $365 and $1003 respectively! Take this opportunity to fly cheap to the beautiful former British colony - Hong Kong! Looking down at the city from Victoria's Peak you'll. However, the A380 is a major part of what helped Emirates earn its market share and reputation. Among other features, Emirates introduced walk-up bars for first- and business-class passengers.

An Bord: Das erwartet Sie in der Business Class. Sitz & Kabine Ausstrecken und entspannen: Viel Platz, eine angenehme Beleuchtung und extra Komfort zeichnet die Emirates Business Class aus. In allen A380-Jets können Sie sich auf eine moderne Kabine mit viel Platz freuen The Emirates Boeing triple 7s consists of just 8 first class seats, whereas the super-jumbo A380 has 14 first class seats. So the cabin on 777 aircraft indeed feel more spacious and less crowded. Moreover, First Class cabin on A380 is on the upper deck making the cabin more narrow than the 777 Emirates A380 First Class Stairs Upper Deck. I must say that Emirates has a fantastic Business Class, but their First Class is truly magnificent from all point of views - it grants privacy and luxury with any comfort that you might desire My seat in First Class on the Emirates A380. Sat in seat 1K I was at the front of the upstairs cabin. The Emirates A380 seating plan has the upper deck exclusively assigned to First and Business Class. The slightly longer lower deck is all economy class Know about Emirates A380 and B777s aircraft Business class features. Find tips and points to book flights with Emirates. Posted on March 04, 2020 by Admin. A380 and B77s are the aircraft where Emirates operates business class. These are double-deck plane and the business/first class is present in the upper deck

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This Home of the Emirates A380 is another first from Emirates - providing direct boarding for lounges for First Class and Business Class passengers, as well as an amazing range of duty-free shopping, a full-service spa, hotels, dining options and other amenities. From the ground to the skies, Emirates' A380s are an unsurpassed experience Emirates: A380 Business Class - See 61,379 traveller reviews, 21,037 candid photos, and great deals for Emirates, at Tripadvisor Emirates A380 First Class suites mini-vanity mirror. The bowl on the desk is full of delicious snacks including some very good chocolate. Emirates A380 First Class suites snacks. Emirates A380 First Class suites floral decor. There's a writing kit with a writing pad, envelopes, and a pen. Emirates A380 First Class suites writing kit

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39 comments on Business Class on the Emirates A380 Back to the US (Trip Report) Bobber says: Nov 23, 2011 at 4:41 am I'm just connecting between A380 flights in Changi, having done 4 flights in 7 days on them. Even at the back of the bus, these planes are great. Very loud undercarriage and flaps when you're on the lower deck, though May 12, 2019 - Emirates Business Class reviews: An Emirates A380 Business Class review compared with the Boeing 777 between Dubai, Sydney and Brisbane A380. Class: Business. Advertisement. Advertise with NZME. Check-in Experience: Smooth. I'd checked in online using the Emirates app so at the airport I just needed to drop off my luggage and pick. Comments The Airbus A380 is the flag-ship of the Emirates fleet, and the largest passenger plane in the world. Every seat is equipped with state of the art AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) In-Flight Entertainment system. First Class has luxury suites with full-flat bed, mini-bar inside the suite, and 23-inch video screen along with privacy doors. Two luxury lavatories with showers are available. Business-Class im A380 ist ein einmaliges Erlebnis. Ob ich nochmal in der Business-Class fliegen werde, hängt vom Preis ab. Ein Langstreckenflug mit Emirates in der Business-Class kostet rund 5.000 Euro oder mehr. Das geht weit über das hinaus, was ich fürs Fliegen ausgeben möchte. Aber für Geschäftsreisende oder wohlhabende Reisende, die.

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About the Emirates A380. Emirates' Airbus A380 can carry a huge number of passengers. Emirates offers three different configurations of the type. On this aircraft, the lower deck is reserved for economy class passengers. Meanwhile, the upper deck contains the first and business class cabins What I do notice, and that compares very favorably with the Emirates A380 Business Class is the size of the cabin and the subsequent traffic and noise. Rather than the vast, open cabin of the Emirates A380, the Singapore Airlines A380 version is small, and cosy. I don't feel like I'm on a plane that seats 500+ people

Emirates business class review | A380 Dubai to LondonA380 First Class: SHOWER & BAR - Dubai Lounge - EmiratesInside a Luxurious Airbus A380 of the Emirates Airline (47Mixing cocktails on Emirates A380 Business Class bar - YouTube
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